Friday, 22 July 2011

DONE!! burning in.....

All done.
lots of wires
and stuff.
basically full inside

the front from the inside up side down
left to right: switch for head phone or speakers, head phone jack, ALPS volume pot, 5 ELNA channel selector switch

in all glory.....

NOS General Electrics, coin base 6EM7; final and last generation

the knobs..... Antoine can make nicer ones...
this is temporary.
and the kind of slightly goldish glow on the front panel.....

And the sound?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

testing, testing, testing

wired it all up.
tried it out.
This amp is so well optimised I can get over 3 Watt's out of it.
That's 2 times more than the black amps.
I'll never touch the diagram again.
until the next time, that is.
Thisis the one going to drive the 300B's

Then I took it to a party.
listened to it until the police came
and said: "turn it down buddy"
but Sir, it is only 3 Watts!!!

A LED bias!
Nick, I'm sure you don't care, but it sounds wonderful!!

5 inputs, all wired up

Most of it mounted in a stainless steel box.
You can make another one but it needs one so I made one...
I'll give Antoine the drawings so you know where the important holes need to be.

4 ohm, 8 ohm, 5x cinch

looks nice and shiny!

what's left to do....
still waiting for the definite output transformers
need a front, I'll make it out of 4mm stainless.
mount the rest
et ton oncle est Bob.
well.... Gerrit

Friday, 13 May 2011

the chassis

Think the layout has to be quarish....
transformers at the back
it would be good to have the selector switch on top at the rear!
never seen that done before but it would be the ideal place
short wires from all the cinch to the switch, then only one to the front to the volume.

still waiting for a couple of components
but most of it is done.
looks good

should look something like this i guess.....
tooooo loooong

I'm sure Nick hopes it will be raining all weekend!!
I got most of the components.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Nick's Amp

Nick's my nephew
He's (only) 16 year old and NEEDS a tube amp.
With 5 audio imputs, no less
And a headphone out too
There you have it.
So I'm building him one.
All the parts are there
More or less.
Antoine will design and make the box.
I'm doing the gutts and the chassis.
One thing's for sure.
Nobody has an amp like this one.
Here's the diagram
The volume will go up to 11!!!!

Started with designing the PCB's
Very flexible set up
It can do Nick's amp
And a SE triode
And a OTL headphone amp
And a pre-amp for HUGE tubes
The power supply can be tube or diode rectified.
Diodes for Nick's one.
Pretty small, the PCB's

Can yoi imangine the amount of gold on these Cinches???

Elma selector switch
And ALP volume, all the way up to 11!!!

Cool transformer too.
High Voltage
Don't ever touch it!!!

Of course Nick's going to tell all his friends
So their fathers will buy amps too!

The front of the box will be stainless steel
and behind the plexi glass, huge, volume knob......
you can see the numbers.
1 to 11 (10's for pussies)
etched with pure oxygen into the stainless steel.
That WILL be cool!