Friday, 6 May 2011

Nick's Amp

Nick's my nephew
He's (only) 16 year old and NEEDS a tube amp.
With 5 audio imputs, no less
And a headphone out too
There you have it.
So I'm building him one.
All the parts are there
More or less.
Antoine will design and make the box.
I'm doing the gutts and the chassis.
One thing's for sure.
Nobody has an amp like this one.
Here's the diagram
The volume will go up to 11!!!!

Started with designing the PCB's
Very flexible set up
It can do Nick's amp
And a SE triode
And a OTL headphone amp
And a pre-amp for HUGE tubes
The power supply can be tube or diode rectified.
Diodes for Nick's one.
Pretty small, the PCB's

Can yoi imangine the amount of gold on these Cinches???

Elma selector switch
And ALP volume, all the way up to 11!!!

Cool transformer too.
High Voltage
Don't ever touch it!!!

Of course Nick's going to tell all his friends
So their fathers will buy amps too!

The front of the box will be stainless steel
and behind the plexi glass, huge, volume knob......
you can see the numbers.
1 to 11 (10's for pussies)
etched with pure oxygen into the stainless steel.
That WILL be cool!

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